Tentcleaner N.Z Ltd

Gemini and Leo series

Another first by Tent Cleaner NZ.

The Quick N Ezy

Gemini series marquee tent washing machine.

The Gemini series has twin wind up rollers that move across the machine in tandem. As you load or unload one side the other roller is in the middle on the wash or rinse cycle. Each roller works independent of each other, apart from moving across the top of the machine. If one of the rollers is rotating or in the unwound position they are unable to be moved across the machine, as they must be in the fully up position before they can move. You can use one side or both. This means you can wash two 20 metre mids in 30 minutes.

              Leo series

The Leo series has only the one wind up roller, it picks up the dirty wet product on one side,moves to the middle for wash, wax and dried then to the far side to drop it off on a dry table for flaking, then back to the other side to pickup next dirty one.

All models can be made with up to 20 metre long brushes.


We will be running  trials soon on a new product that stops mould growing on your marquees and tents. Keep checking back for up dates.Four months and no mould.